Beach Head-in-Progress

Thanks to the highly-entertaining show, Knowing is Half the Podcast, I’ve come to have a brand-new appreciation for the GI Joe: A Real American Hero cartoons of the 1980s. I watched the show as a kid, but the hosts of the podcast bring a wholly different passion to the series. One of my favorite characters of the Joe team — mostly due to him being one of the only heroes with an actual personality — is Army Ranger Wayne R. Sneeden, better known as Beach Head.

Photo from, the best unofficial site for officially-released GI Joe toys!
Beach Head teaching a group of New GI Joe recruits in GI JOE: THE MOVIE (1987)

After the success of the Black Panther movie in 2018, Hasbro (incidentally, the creators of G.I. Joe) released a pretty rad figure of Michael B. Jordan’s character, Erik Killmonger, as part of their Marvel Legends line of six-inch action figures. One day, I took a look at the figure and realized that with a ski mask and a bit of paint, he’d make a pretty cool Beach Head figure.

Stock photo from Hasbro, I think!

After deliberating about it for a while, I finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go for it. Sure, his tactical vest doesn’t QUITE match the old animation, but a quick look at other Beach Head figures from Hasbro made me realize that his load out has never really been consistent:

All the Beach Head figures to date, screenshot of

So last night, I bought Killmonger, and sculpted the ski mask over his face and neck with some Sculpey III.

Painting will take place sometime this weekend, and then I’ll have a nifty six-inch Beach Head action figure. Hooray!

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he wears deodorant.