Avengers TMNT Sketch Cover by Kevin Eastman

Back in 2010, I attended the San Diego Comic Con. While wandering the exhibitor hall with my brother, as we neared the Heavy Metal booth, I spotted a face I recognized, but one I had never met.

“That’s Kevin Eastman,” I said aloud.

We went over and said hi, thanked him for literally decades of entertainment, and I bought a few things from him. Mr. Eastman was kind enough to do this quick sketch of a Ninja Turtle as Captain America on my Avengers #1 (2010) sketch cover.

The next day, I returned with a sketch of my own. It’s far from my best TMNT work, but in my defense, I wasn’t prepared to do any art myself, so it was Sharpie on a comic backing board, without even a pencil sketch underneath. Kevin was appreciative nonetheless, and told me he’s kept every piece of Turtles fan art ever given to him.

I’m the one with the hair.

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