Friendly Fridays: Teejay’s Triple H

Teejay kicked off the first Friendly Friday, and I always meant to include more of his stuff, but never really got around to it. Anyways, you’ll also remember him from getting me the Triple H Entrance themes record, because, y’know, we’re both fans of professional wrestler Triple H, aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley (see, his initials are three H’s, hence, “Triple H”).

HHH with his wife, Stephanie McMahon, from WWF Armageddon 1999.

I found this while searching through folders of old drawings, so today you get to be the first people to enjoy it since he drew this back in, I wanna say, probably 2000 or 2001. Helmsley only wore those “hHh” trunks from summer 1999 until May of 2001, so it would’ve had to have been in that time period.

Anyways, considering that Teejay would never describe himself as an artist, I think this drawing is pretty great.

Everybody have a great weekend. Go play some games.