Carol Corps ID Cards


ID cards for the Carol Corps, the fandom of Marvel Comics’ CAPTAIN MARVEL!

These were suggested by Captain Marvel’s writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick, earlier tonight on her Tumblr page. I thought, “Hey, I could do that.” And so I did, drawing inspiration from both Carol Danvers’ new CM duds and the official Avengers ID cards.

Ms. DeConnick was super-enthusiastic when she saw the first version, and made a couple of very minor suggestions to make this even better! So, this is pretty much endorsed by the creator of the series.Just add your photo, print out the card, and sign! Keep it in your wallet, to show you are a member of the Carol Corps!

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers and all related characters, icons, logos, etc. are copyrighted and registered trademarks of Marvel Comics, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation.

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