TNA Wrestling CCG:

After WWE’s Raw Deal card came was cancelled, a buddy and I tried our hand at designing a game based on Total Non-Stop Action wrestling. I tried to find graphics that looked like other TNA-branded merchandise at the time (lots of hexagons to symbolize their six-sided ring, and they were doing a lot with that textured steel look).

Like Raw Deal, each player would select a wrestler to play as. Each wrestler belonged to a particular division (Main/World roster, X-Division, Knockouts, or Tag Team), and each division had cards that would be playable by wrestlers in that division. Additionally, each wrestler had character-specific cards that represented their trademark manuevers and personality traits.

It worked out pretty okay, and we even printed out all the cards we’d designed and played a few games with some other friends. But, partway through designing it, TNA changed creative direction, and became a much less appealing company to us. Additionally, their viewership dropped, and the entire concept of this project lost its appeal, so we abandoned the idea completely.

Heroic Battles CCG:

The idea behind this game was to give it away for free on the Internet, and just include so many properties that there’s no way it could ever get licensed — Comic books, movies, video games, anime, pro wrestling, MMA, whatever! I just wanted to make a way for everybody to have all their favorite fantasy match-ups. Unfortunately, my ideas were way more complex than my time allowed for.

From an artistic standpoint, I still really like the various designs I came up with for the cards, which is why I’m including them here: