WWE Raw Deal was a collectible card game that was published between 2000 and 2007 by Comic Images. My friends and I got VERY into this game for a long time. And, as I tend to do, I find ways to express myself artistically within whatever thing I’m currently interested in. So I made a TON of custom Raw Deal cards.

I called all of my cards “MAIN EVENT,” so they were obviously not official cards. You’ll notice I also changed the “WWE” logo to a “PA!” in that same style.

The easiest thing to do with Raw Deal cards was to just recreate Superstar cards with new images. There are no functional differences between these cards and the originals, except that I like messing around in Photoshop when I’m bored sometimes.

Daniel Bryan is a wrestler that captured the hearts of the audience. To represent him in Raw Deal, I just took all of the Crippler/Chris Benoit cards and re-applied them to DBry. This was a good way to be able to use Benoit’s cards after his life-ending tragedy, and also to be able to use Daniel Bryan into the game, as he’d debuted in WWE a few years after the game had already ended.

Big Daddy Cool DIESEL (aka Kevin Nash) was one of my favorite wrestlers during his tenure in WWF from 1993-1996. I wanted to be able to play as him, so I just took all of the Hall ‘n’ Nash cards and replaced them with Diesel gimmicks and photos. The only mechanical change is he technically loses access to the any Tag Team-specific cards and Lethal nWo Poison, but whatever. Nobody was ever going to use these except for me anyways.

Benjamin Slattery, AKA Adrian Neville, is a wrestler I really liked immediately after seeing him. I wanted some Neville cards, and realized that the SPIRIT SQUAD member KENNY’s cards fit along with Neville’s in-ring antics well enough. Of course, now that Neville is in AEW Wrestling as The Bastard PAC, these don’t even matter anymore.

Wade Barrett (real name Stu Bennett) was a guy that my friends and I got totally obsessed with for a brief while, thanks to my buddy’s @BarrettFigure Twitter account which actually ended up becoming a card. So I took a look at who was in Raw Deal, and GOLDUST seemed to be a close enough fit for Barrett’s shenanigans.

RYBACK showed up, was kinda fun, and then went away. A-TRAIN (aka Jason Albert, Lord Tensai, Giant Bernard, etc.) was a pretty good match for Ryback’s in-ring activities.

HARDCORE BOB HOLLY is awesome. I don’t care what you say. I know he’s got a reputation for being kind of a jerky tough guy backstage, but he was nice to me when I got his autograph, and he’s always been a class-act the couple of times we’ve interacted on Twitter. I didn’t dig HEIDENREICH as an on-screen character, but his cards seemed kinda cool. Replace one with the other, and, Voila! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a good analogue for the Alabama Slam, but there are a few generic finisher cards in the game.

BROCK LESNAR got his set of Raw Deal cards in 2003, before he left the company and joined UFC. I just wanted to re-make all of his cards with updated images that included the boxer shorts and MMA gloves. Easy enough!

Some VARIOUS SUPERSTARS where I re-did their superstar card as well as a few of their moves — I always preferred the name “Liontamer” for Jericho’s submission finisher, and Cena’s finisher changed names after a couple of years. I also just liked Edge’s Racing Stripe tights that he wore just before he was forced to retire in 2011.

Finally, just some generic cards (including many Championship Belts) that I re-designed just to do it.