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Well the weekend ended up being busier than I had anticipated, but the CCG section is now finished. I think that’s mostly everything I already have that I wanted to upload, so now I just need to scan and photograph a bunch of new projects that I’ve worked on, and slowly add those over time… …

CCG Mania!

Added the CCG section, as well as over 100 images. I still need to add descriptions and stuff to the Overpower cards, but I think the WWE Raw Deal stuff is pretty solid for now. I’m going to shoot to add the Mega Man, Transformers, and other CCG pages over the weekend.

…And begin!

It’s been a while since has been up and running. I was fortunate enough to get free hosting for over a decade, and it’s been a matter of getting finances and time enough to get the old girl back up. Things are still kind of an ugly mess right now, but I hope to …