In theory, I’m a fan of Collectible Card Games (Or, Trading Card Games). I like the concept of them, I like a lot of the cool card designs that have come about over the years, I like that practically any franchise can be turned into one…there’s a lot I like.

That said, I don’t actually enjoy playing most CCG games. Either the games get cancelled to quickly due to poor sales, or they’ve been going on for far too long and have too many very complicated rules and game mechanics for new players to really enjoy them.

There was one major exception, and it was WWE Raw Deal. I loved that game, have have sunk WAY too much money into it during its lifespan from 2000-2007.

All that being said, as an artist and designer, I have tried my hand at coming up with some designs for various CCGs, as well as re-creating cards for some games that I enjoy. Read on for more details, or click a game’s title to see what cards I’ve created for that game.

Fantasy Card for pre-existing games:

WWE Raw Deal: I’ve re-created a LOT of cards in this game, usually because I want to play as a wrestler that doesn’t exist in the game, or because I found a cool image that I want to use in a deck.

Overpower: A game that existed in the mid-1990s featuring comic book characters. I’ve created new versions of cards for existing characters, mostly making cards for characters using the live-action film imagery.

Original CCG ideas:

Mega Man: Before the UFS Mega Man cards were released, a friend and I came up with a concept for a Mega Man CCG that was loosely based on the Pokemon CCG.(coming soon)

Transformers: I’m a huge Transformers fan, and came up with the basic idea for a TF CCG that pitted the Heroic Autobots against the Evil Decepticons.

Various other card designs: Just some designs for card types I’ve created for fun.