Transformers CCG

So, I’m a pretty big Transformers fan, and I thought an Autobots vs Decepticons CCG could be a fun idea. I based the design of the cards on the original Transformers toys’ box designs from 1984-1987, with the red or puple gradients, yellow “explosions,” and grey grid overlaying everything. The text boxes are based on the Transformers’ “Tech Spec” profile cards that you can clip out of the packages, right down to using the same font.

The basic premise would be that each player gets a deck of 50ish cards, made up of either the Heroic Autobots (red cards) or the Evil Decepticons (purple cards). Neutral cards (blue) could be used by any player. You can have up to either 3 or 4 of each card unless otherwise noted (there are fewer Decepticon characters overall, so Insecticons and the like would’ve allowed for more copies if you wanted), and each player draws some number of cards to start the game — Somewhere between 5 and 7, which seems to be the standard CCG hand size. Start your turn by drawing a card, and placing one Transformer and one Neutral card into the battlefield. The first player isn’t allowed to attack, because there are no opponents on the field. Play continues until the deck is depleted, probably? Maybe once a designated Commander character was destroyed? I had a few ideas.

Combat would be figured out by each Transformers’ Attack (ATK) number — Higher number wins. But in addition to the ATK, each Transformer would have Energon Abilities, which would require a player to pay a certain number of Energon Cubes to use, as listed in the box below the character image. I’d try to balance it so characters with higher attack had less-useful abilities, and characters with lower attacks had more-useful abilities, so that every card would be appealing to some player.

In theory, I wanted to create a base set using all of the 1984/Season 1 Transformers, and then do smaller expansions based on each subsequent line of toys. I’d hold off on the Dinobots until the 2nd set, because there would need to be SOME draw, right? The 3rd set would be the movie-based characters (Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Galvatron, Unicron, etc.), with series 4 based on Headmasters & Targetmasters.

Anyways, I never got around to finishing the game, because real life got in the way. Maybe some day?

Click on a card below for a brief description of the card.