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Neon Ninja

I mean, the title really says it all. Digital illustration. Adobe Photoshop. 2019. Copyright 2019…

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Powerful ladies are awesome, especially if they wear the horns of fallen enemies on their…

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Tigersharks’ Octavia

While I loved both Thundercats and Silverhawks as a kid, I didn’t learn about Rankin-Bass’s…

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Well he wasn’t supposed to be Conan…

Drawn in 2014 as a print for a convention I was going to. It was…

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Boar Wizard

It’s strange what inspirations can come to you while bored at work. I drew this…

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Virtual Nightmare 2017

In 2017 I thought it would be fun to make a retro art Halloween card…

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We will be the stars we were always meant to be.

Digital Illustration. Adobe Photoshop. 2015. Captain Marvel is a registered trademark of Marvel Comics.

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Ogre Woman

Not much to say about this one — I Just wanted to draw an ogre…

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Sometimes you’re just fed up with stupid things in the world, and you need to…

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Clobberin’ Time!

If you took the character designs from Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time, and put them over…

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Yabba-Dabba Doom!

I feel like this doesn’t really need much explaination — What if Marvel Comics’ Dr….

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