NECA TMNT Repaints

Today’s post is going to be image-intensive, but they’re going to be mostly old, bad-quality…

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TMNT The Movie DVD Insert

This film came out on 30 March 1990. I’m writing this up in early February,…


Hyperstone Heist Leatherhead custom toy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist on the Sega Genesis is a fascinating game….

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TMNT: Ace Duck repaint

I realized it’s been months since I’ve posted any of my Ninja Turtles repaints. So…

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Casey Jones: Black and Blue

The file for this image is dated just a few days after yesterday’s “Hot and…

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Donatello 2013

From 2013. I did a couple of the Turtles this way, and I think that…

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TMNT Rat King Custom Toy

The Rat King is a disgusting human who has been forced by circumstances (perhaps?) out…

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TMNT and Battletoads

This is from way back in maybe 2005 or 2006? The Battletoads were a gang…

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Inktober 2020 Day 22 – Chef

Well it’s not the SWEDISH Chef… Pizza Face here is a relatively obscure Teenage Mutant…

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Inktober 2020 Day 15 – Outpost

It’s a space outpost, built into the remains of an asteroid! Totally inspired by the…

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Inktober 2020 Day 9 – Throw

Not much to say about this one. It’s a Ninja Turtle, and he’s throwin’ shuriken….

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Inktober 2020 Day 6 – Rodent

Hey, it’s The Rat King, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Based on some combination of…

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Mirage-style 1988 TMNT Repaints

“Why are they all in red?” Well… The original, black-and-white TMNT comics by Mirage Studios…

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April O’Neil (and Mousers) Repaint

While most people know April O’Neil as the yellow jumpsuit-clad news reporter from the 1987…

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Leatherhead custom repaint

There’s nothing really wrong with the original Leatherhead toy, I just thought that for a…

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