Ghostbusters Toys

I was a huge fan of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon when I was a kid. Sometime in 2012-2013, I thought it would be fun to have sets of RGB toys that were more accurate to the cartoon, as well as both Ghostbusters movies.

Also around this time, Playmates released a set of “Ooze-Throwing” TMNT, and I thought, “hey, these could look cool with some Ghostbusters colors” — So I tried to incorporate the Real Ghostbusters colors along with the TMNT mask colors into the designs, with each Turtle representing the closest Ghostbuster in personality — Mikey/Peter as the goofy one, Don/Egon as the smart one, Leo/Ray as the straight man, and Raph/Winston as…well, the 4th one. It’s not a perfect collaboration.